Ep. 46: What Became of Feminism:
Christina Hoff Sommers

Christina Hoff Sommers is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, where she studies the politics of gender and feminism—as well as free expression, due process, and the preservation of liberty in the academy.

Christina is perhaps best known for her 1994 book Who Stole Feminism? How Women Have Betrayed Women, which was instrumental in giving a voice to those who dared to question rigid doctrines about women and men and the arguments feminists make that cause a rift between them.

Christina’s popular podcast, Femsplainers, which she co-hosts with author Danielle Crittenden, is described as a “weekly girl’s night out, where Christina and Danielle “dish on everything from #metoo and sex to, well, doing the dishes.”

Christina is like a friend who studies and does her homework before the party. She counters politically correctness with wit and charm. Her popular video blog, The Factual Feminist, has garnered more than 4 million views.


5:10  Christina talks about her experience speaking at Oberlin College and how students reacted to her message

11:35  The difference between equity feminism and gender feminism

18:00  How young women are burdened by the “statistics” re the oppression of women

23:00  Christina debunks 6 feminist myths

38:45  Why we’re overeducating the wrong sex and its long-term effect on the workforce

42:45  Christina and Suzanne discuss the FX/Hulu series “Mrs. America” and how Hollywood does its damage

53:35  Why there aren’t more women who think outside the feminist box

Suzanne Venker

Suzanne is an author, a coach, and a podcast host committed to helping women let go of cultural beliefs that undermine their happiness in life and in love.