Ep. 63: The 40-Year War on the American Family:
Dr. James Dobson

The breakdown of the family, in all its many forms, has been and continues to be the single greatest travesty this country faces. When you look at almost every other issue—whether it’s violence, promiscuity, truancy, drugs, divorce, even anxiety—it almost always goes back to the beginning: how our children are raised.

This is a very delicate and controversial topic but one that can only be ignored at our peril. When I decided to do this episode, I could think of no one better to discuss it w me than Dr. James Dobson, who has spent his life dedicated to this issue.

Dr. Dobson is an author and psychologist, as well as the Founder and President of “Family Talk.” Prior to that, he was Founder of “Focus on the Family.” Dr. Dobson has been active in governmental affairs and has advised five U.S. presidents on family matters and in 2008 was inducted into The National Radio Hall of Fame.


3:25  Suzanne and Dr. Dobson discuss how they met

5:15  Dr. Dobson talks about how there are eternal values that don’t change in life regardless of the culture, specifically when it comes to the differences between boys and girls.

7:00-10:25  Boys need men to tell them how to be masculine, and mothers are not equipped to do that with boys. Dr. Dobson and Suzanne discuss a mother’s and a father’s unique roles in a son’s life.

10: 30 The two developmental crises in a child’s life

11:30-13:10 How to build a relationship of love and respect with your kids

13:20 Why modern parenting doesn’t work

14:30 The fine line in disciplining kids and why getting that in balance is a very important task in parenting

15:25  The secret to discipline and why anger is not a good method for disciplining kids.

16:35  Suzanne and Dr. Dobson talk about their experience in the classroom as teachers.

18:00 Dr. Dobson and Suzanne discuss the significance of the family and the breakdown of the family.

21:00 The cultural shift and where the breakdown in the family began

22:35 The government’s role in the breakdown of the family

27:25 How divorce affects kids and the effect of father absence

30:15 How the lack of fathers has contributed to “boy men” and the lack of marriageable men

32:00 Dr. Dobson asks Suzanne about her own experience raising her kids and raising her kids counterculturally.

35:00 Dr. Dobson talks about traditional values and how the culture has departed from traditional wisdom and common sense when it comes to raising children.-

36:10  Suzanne talks about her new eBook, How to Be a Wife: 7 Secret Steps to a Peaceful and Passionate Relationship with Your Man

Suzanne Venker

Suzanne is an author, a coach, and a podcast host committed to helping women let go of cultural beliefs that undermine their happiness in life and in love.