Ep. 66: Amy Coney Barrett Brings Family & Religion to the Forefront of American Politics:
Joy Pullmann

Smart, accomplished, and a religious wife and mother? Do such women exist? I thought a traditional life was an impediment to a woman being successful in the world outside her doorstep. According to the powers that be, these two worlds are wildly at odds.

Enter Amy Coney Barrett, President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, who comes along to put that narrative to rest. If confirmed, Barrett will replace feminist icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and the left can’t stand it. They’re positively green with envy. How can a woman look as graceful and as feminine as Barrett, with a husband and seven kids to boot, and somehow make it to the Supreme Court?

To make matters worse, Barrett says things like this: “What greater thing can you do than raise children? That’s where you have your greatest impact on the world.”

It’s enough to drive a feminist mad. Here to talk with me about why the left really hates Amy Coney Barrett is Joy Pullmann, executive editor of The Federalist, as well as a happy wife and mother of six children.



4:00 How and why ACB is the polar opposite of Ruth Bader Ginsberg

5:00  Why ACB’s very existence repudiates the left’s view of women and how her nomination has brought what it means to be family oriented to the forefront

6:10  How women have used abortion as a means to get ahead in their careers since babies/family don’t “fit” into a career-focused woman’s life

7:45  How unlikely it is for a typical woman to have ACB’s career and as many kids as she has. Suzanne discusses how women “having it all” at once is a myth and how ACBs support system (husband, in laws/family) helped her become who she is today.

10:55 – 13:00 What it takes to have “balance” in your life and the different components such as giving up social media, going out to parties, having helpful in-laws, does the husband/wife work full-time?, etc.

13:00 The benefit of having a large family and how older kids help raise younger kids

15:20  Young women need to understand that they shouldn’t look at ACB and think this is attainable for most women and how a lot of women do not want the kind of career that she has

16:50 –18:20  Suzanne talks about her frustration with some women on the right who think women can rise to the top of their profession and have many children at the same time

18:24  Women on the left want government to raise your kids so you don’t have to orchestrate your life

19:25  Joy describes that when she gets tired, she often gets frustrated with her husband and how she has to put that into perspective by taking stock of how she can improve her day-to-day to make it easier.

20:35  How government-run daycare is not a good plan and how the left’s narrative regarding working women fosters the resentment that men aren’t doing their fair share

21:20 – 22:30  Suzanne and Joy talk about COVID-19 divorce

22:30 How ACB embraced marriage and motherhood alongside her professional endeavors, which is atypical for women in politics

23:10 – 26:00  How the left uses The Handmaid’s Tale imagery and the double standards that come along with that

26:05 ACB says the greatest thing you can do is raise children and how that is rarely acknowledged by any woman in power

26:40  Joy describes the impact you make on the world raising children

27:30 ACB is a happy woman, and it drives the left crazy. Even without her professional success, she would be happy because of her faith and her family.

28:15 –30:08  The left constantly smears religious people as uneducated and why that narrative is a manipulative power-play

30:10- 32:25  Joy talks about how sex is deep and meaningful and how the left cannot make an argument for casual sex

32:25  The bogus narrative that “women don’t need men” and why that is a patently false and dangerous narrative. How the idea of a “team” is lost on the modern generation.

35:25  The modern generation’s view of marriage.

37:00  Joy describes how ACB and her husband have accomplished more because of their marriage and how husbands are often the “secret weapon” to success

38:07  Happily married, conservative women with children understand that marriage and family will help a man to “step up”

39:00 – At the core of the left’s insane view of what it means to be a woman is the oppression narrative and how ACB smashes that viewpoint






Suzanne Venker

Suzanne is an author, a coach, and a podcast host committed to helping women let go of cultural beliefs that undermine their happiness in life and in love.