Ep. 70: What It Means to Be a Man—In Any Era:
Michael Durkin

What do women find attractive in a man? Why are millennial men at such a disadvantage when it comes to marriages and relationships today? How can men rebuild themselves after a divorce?

These are just some of the questions Michael J. Durkin will answer today. Durkin is an author, speaker and self-described maniac committed to the strengthening of men, women, families and the planet. He is the author of 8 business books and has spoken in front of audiences as few as 6 and as large as 26,000!

He is the creator of the Men of Honor Podcast, which strives to help men become better fathers, husbands, sons, boyfriends, and community leaders. Michael weaves his own wisdom and personal experiences into his teachings on marriage, business success, parenting, fitness and masculinity. He is passionate about keeping families together, making marriages joyful, and giving children a place to grow and learn. He is also fan of putting the hot, seductive, alluring SEX back into marriages where it belongs.

Michael has survived and re-built his life after a devastating divorce. He is married to a woman he dubs The Beautiful Bonnie, and they live happily tucked away in the woods of Northwestern CT.



6:40  What women find attractive in men

8:45  Nagging

10:00  How men have listened to a narrative that tells them they need to be soft and are not supposed to be “doers” and men became confused

10:55  Why men “showing up” in their marriages causes their relationships to change

12:26  Every problem a man has with communication, arguments and sex has to do with them

13:43   Suzanne and Michael discuss millennial men

16:14  Michael explains what he thinks he did to cause his own marriage to end

17: 45  How men “jump through hoops” to please their wives

19:20  Since the sexual revolution, men have been taught through every movie and song that they need to be sensitive and emotional and how this has destroyed men and relationships

24:00  Men need to be with other men and women need to be with other women

26:30  A woman cannot love a man she doesn’t respect **

27:55  Millennial women think they need to be able to tell their husbands everything and that their husbands should be their best girlfriend

32:35  Suzanne and Michael discuss why women “test” men

37:10** The “trifecta of chaos” and why men in today’s society need to become solid

39:40  The 3 ways men can rebuild themselves after divorce

48:38  Why sex often dies with marriage

54:25  Why “hard attracts soft” and how opposites complement each other

57:55  Suzanne discusses her coaching practice and how women have a hard time learning to “receive”

Suzanne Venker

Suzanne is an author, a coach, and a podcast host committed to helping women let go of cultural beliefs that undermine their happiness in life and in love.