Ep. 86: 7 Rules for Life & Love for a New Generation of Women

So my kids and my friends’ kids are now at the age when they’re seriously dating and thinking about the future. Unfortunately, the advice most of them receive from the culture, via the media and via their universities, isn’t just bad. It completely undermines women’s chances for a happy, balanced life.

Young women in particular are taught all the wrong things about life and love, about men and sex, and about work & family. Sadly, those whose parents didn’t offset these destructive messages with sound advice of their own are now shooting blanks. To get it right, women need a new plan of action.

In this episode, I discuss 7 countercultural rules for life and love for a new generation of women.


3:30  Modern dating is a disaster

5:30  Suzanne reads an email that gets to the heart of the issues within modern marriage

6:40  There’s an epidemic of folks raised by feminist mothers that have led marriages and relationships falling apart

8:17  Get ONE marketable, flexible degree

11:30  Sex isn’t “just sex”

12:30  Suzanne reads a great quote about casual sex from Jordan B. Peterson

13:15  Young women are not able to separate sex from emotion the same way men can

14:30  Don’t waste your twenties on men you hope will change

18:00  Marry a man who already knows his career path because once you have kids, you may want to step out of the workforce

22:30  Never live with with a man to whom you are not engaged

27:28  Men and women cohabit for different reasons

27:50  Don’t make financial decisions as if you’ll always be in the workforce!

29:00  It is not impossible to get by on one income; couples simply make decisions early on that keep them from being able to do so

32:00  Reject the idea of “work/family” balance

34:05  There’s a big difference between a career and a job; people who pursue careers pay a price for that

38:00  It is up to parents to tell their kids the truth

Suzanne Venker

Suzanne is an author, a coach, and a podcast host committed to helping women let go of cultural beliefs that undermine their happiness in life and in love.