Ep. 22: The Inside Scoop on Our Universities’ Feminist Bias:
Janice Fiamengo

There’s a well-known secret among those in academia that left-wing groupthink rules. This is especially true when it comes to gender. Fortunately, Jordan Peterson’s rise to fame brought this truth to mainstream America. Most Americans are now well aware that our universities are bastions of postmodern feminist dogma.

This outrageous anti-male/pro-female bias in academia has squelched any honest discussion about matters such as American history, sexual violence, false allegations, male privilege and so-called female oppression.

Janice Fiamengo, professor of English at the University of Ottowa, is intimately familiar with this phenomenon, from some professors’ view that women should speak first in all university discussions, to anti-male shaming campaigns, to so-called consent courses where men are taught not to rape women, to op-eds by feminist professors with titles like “Why Can’t We Hate Men?”

Janice has lived inside this world for many years and will share with us the inner workings of the typical university in North America today. She is a self-described “contrarian, pro-liberty, anti-feminist, defender of men’s rights, free speech, the principles of western culture, and the right to dissent.”

Suzanne Venker

Suzanne is an author, a coach, and a podcast host committed to helping women let go of cultural beliefs that undermine their happiness in life and in love.